Just Getting On With It

“Just Getting On With It” I am exploring into the after-effects of going through life-changing circumstances be it mental or physical state. The way the human body and mind powers on, adapting to the changes. Something we look past in everyday life with people trying much harder to do the things we take for granted. This hits me on a personal level with having family members diagnosed with neurological & degenerative disorders, as well as members suffering from stokes. The effects are very real in my life but are hardly witnessed due to the powerful subjects it contains itself within, the ability to keep moving, striving to be like everyone else is powerful, A subject area I wanted to shine a light onto.

Graham, Street

Teresa, Dog Walk

Reece, Field

Graham, Garden

Graham, Nicky, Front Door

Reece, Garden

Reece, Front Door

Teresa, Garden

Teresa, Jan, Front Door

Reece, Portrait

Teresa, Portrait

Graham, Sofa ,Dogs

Reece, Desk

Teresa, Dog, Armchair

Teresa, Top Down

Reece, Top Down

Graham, Top Down

Teresa, Jan, Dog